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Application of Pigment in Architectural Coatings

The application of the pigment is very wide, the current large number of used for coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, textiles, ceramics, art cement coloring and so on. New uses are still increasing. Such as cosmetics, tapes, food, adhesives, electrostatic copy and so on.

Architectural coatings require alkali-resistant, water-resistant, moisture-proof and resistant to both rough and smooth surfaces. Pigments used in architectural coatings are also required to have these characteristics. Outdoor use of architectural coatings should also have good weather resistance. The white pigment used is mainly titanium dioxide. Based on pigment components, plus coloring pigments to get the desired color.

As the traffic signs paint often coated on concrete or asphalt pavement, it can also be classified in the architectural coatings, such paint mainly white, yellow second, in recent years to build highways, the amount of rapid growth, due to paint Pigment volume concentration of up to 50% -60%. So the amount of pigment is very large. The main pigments are titanium dioxide, chrome yellow, carbon black, zinc oxide and filler.