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Paint paint how to use the most secure

Paint paint how to use the most secure:

1, the use of paint paint for the old water according to the different needs of the block and gradually on the primer surface brush for the old water, according to their own needs in the paint or thick or light and do not brush to produce the effect of the ideal bronze The effect of; can be carried out several times, until the satisfaction so far.

2, the last to protect the production of varnish made of paint.

3, after a special treatment of the paint will generally appear after the special effects of wood rot.

4, In addition, the special effects of antique copper should be based on the characteristics of the old water to distinguish. Under normal circumstances the market has a variety of old water for sale. If you want to produce a special effect of copper green should also be able to buy copper green for the old water.

5, special attention: the production process is suitable for small area of wood, a large area of antique copper production effect is generally unable to achieve satisfactory results. Under normal circumstances with a small area of wood to produce the effect is more ideal.