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Plastic pigment quality characteristics

Pigments usually has the following properties: color.Color pigment is a kind of the visible light selective absorption and scattering of pigment, can propylene under the condition of natural pigment color such as yellow, red, blue, green.Tinting strength.Pigments absorb incident light.Available as standard samples of paint tinting strength relative percentage said.

Covering power.In the film-forming material covering the surface of the substrate color ability.Commonly used to cover paint contains 1 square meter area pigment The number of grams of said.

Light fastness.Paint in a certain performance of the light to keep its original color.Generally represented using tem system, changing the best.

Weather resistance.Paint in a certain natural or artificial climate condition, the ability to maintain its original performance.Five commonly used system, said five best.

Volatiles.A general provision refers to water, less than 1%.

Oil absorption.Refers to the 100 grams of paint to form the uniform mass required grams of refined linseed oil, oil absorption outsiders as well, oil absorption is associated with the specific surface area and structure of the pigment particle.

Water soluble content.Paint containing substance is soluble in water, to account for the quality of the paint expressed as percentage.Its water soluble paint pigments, often control under 1%.

Plastic pigmentsFine particles of powder material is a kind of color, is generally not soluble in water, oil, solvent and resin, such as medium, can be scattered in various kinds of medium.It has the covering capacity, tinting strength, relatively stable, light is often used to compound coatings, printing ink, and coloring plastics and rubber, and can therefore be said is a stain.

Plastic pigment is different from the dye is generally dye is soluble in water (old distinction), and the pigment is generally not soluble in water.Dye is mainly used for materials such as textile dyeing.But this distinction is not very clear, also because some dyes may not soluble in water, and pigment coloring pigment printing for textiles and virgin pulp.The chemical structure of organic pigments with organic dyes have similarities, so often as a branch of dye.

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