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Production technology of orange chrome yellow pigment

Lead chromate lead sodium hydroxide can produce orange orange chrome yellow, and the separation of sodium chromate. In the production of orange chrome yellow, change the alkalinity can change the color, high alkalinity can be made of orange color paint, low alkalinity can be made of orange pigment. So it can be divided into orange and orange two varieties.

The production of orange chrome yellow solution concentration can be higher, generally in the chrome yellow solution concentration doubled, the reaction temperature is between 80-90 degrees, the reaction PH value can be as high as 12, some formulations in the precipitation reaction is completed, still The PH value will be reduced to about 8 PH value. The hue of chrome yellow is affected by alkalinity, and the range of variation is also very large. The usual practice is to make the reddish and yellowish standard pigment, and then use the color scheme to get the standard color. Precipitation reaction of the end point of chromate excessive, when the alkalinity of high, chromate excessive number of large, low alkalinity, the amount of excess chromate can be smaller, but the hue on the yellow phase.

Orange chrome yellow pigment has good light resistance, without surface treatment, up to 7-8 level, due to the larger pigment particles, was square type, in a high degree of grinding conditions, the particles become thin, the pigment hue becomes Partial yellow, so there is a more resistant to grinding, easy to change color orange chrome yellow varieties appear.