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The characteristics of metallic pigments

Metal pigments are a special kind of pigment, and it has been a long time since the development of human civilization. With the development of modern industry, the demand for metal powder is growing, the type also increases. Common metal powder with aluminum powder, zinc powder, lead powder, alloy metal powder formed with copper and zinc powder, zinc aluminum powder, stainless steel powder.

Compared with other pigments, metal pigments have its particularity, because the powdery metal pigment with metal or alloy composition, it is bright metallic luster and color. Therefore, many metal pigments used as decorative pigments, such as copper and zinc powder, its hue from light gold until the red gold, so that the painted objects are colorful, aluminum color is very white, but also for decoration. In recent years, aluminum powder of new varieties of flash aluminum powder and transparent pigments used in conjunction with the coating surface not only metal highlights, and colorful, decorative effect is very good; scaly zinc powder slightly pale metallic light, Surrounded by scenery mixed as one, there are camouflage effect.