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The generation of color

Pigments can not be described by a simple concept, so far color science has formed a discipline,

It deals with the knowledge of physics, physiology, psychology and other disciplines.

Pigment workers on the color of the pigment is very important, the color of the pigment is one of the important technical indicators of pigments. For the identification of color, it is the human eye by a certain wavelength and intensity of the radiation energy after the stimulation caused by a visual nerve feeling, through the physical stimulation of the light of the human physiological system, and cause a human psychological reaction, which Three parts are indispensable, such as no light radiation, it can not produce color, the human physiological process has occurred defects, such as suffering from color blindness, it will not have the psychological feelings of color.

2. The three parameters of the color

 In this colorful world, the type of color looks endless, classified as large dividends, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, gray, white and other colors. They are not all exist between the existence of a variety of colors between the existence of a certain internal relationship, a color can be determined by the three parameters, that is, color, saturation, brightness.

3. Color classification

 Decolorization is the result of the selective absorption of visible light, the black, gray, white color, only the difference between the brightness, the so-called neutral color are distributed in the Mongolian color of the vertical axis. When the visible light wave at all wavelength reflectivity of 80% -90% or more, the expression of a high brightness, can be seen as white, if the visible light of all wavelengths of the reflectivity of 4% or less, showing a very low brightness, As a black, reflectivity between the two is a variety of light gray.

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