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The post-treatment process of chrome yellow pigment

The post-treatment step of the chrome yellow pigment includes washing, filtering, drying, pulverizing, coloring and packaging.

Chromium yellow in the precipitation reaction after the end of the mother liquor contains a large number of soluble salts, such as sodium nitrate, sodium acetate, sodium chloride, etc., must be dissolved salt, so that soluble salts in the pigment content of less than 1%. The washing operation is often carried out after the separation of the mother liquor and is carried out in the same manner as the filtration operation. For example, the filter cake is washed with a rinsible filter press and the filter cake is washed with water to meet the requirements. To filter press obtained chrome yellow cake, containing about 40% of water, should be promptly dry, to prevent color changes.

Drying methods are varied, box drying room drying temperature of up to 95 to 100 degrees, without stabilizer lemon chrome yellow can only be in the 60 ~ 80 degrees under the conditions of ventilation in order to maintain the same color, the general chrome Can withstand 100 degrees drying temperature. Spray drying and boiling drying device can be instantaneous drying, can withstand higher temperatures, good labor protection conditions, pigment fineness is also better, the use of such equipment increasing.

Crushing and painting is still an indispensable process, although the dust flying, labor protection and other issues to be resolved. Chrome yellow is a soft yet easy to paint the paint, fineness of 325 mesh is also suitable to meet the requirements.