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Color Classification

Molybdenum chromium red is often used in industry, a dye, often used as an important color additive, and food color additives, not edible, toxic! In the paint, culture and coloring and other aspects of the use of more manufacturers to understand your color classification:

Pigments differ from dyes in that general dyes can be dissolved in water or solvents, and pigments are generally insoluble in water. Dyes are mainly used for dyeing textiles, but this distinction is not very clear, because some dyes may also be insoluble in water, and the pigment is also used for textile coating and printing liquid coloring. The chemical structure of organic pigments is similar to organic dyes and is therefore generally regarded as a branch of dyes. Pigments from the chemical composition to classification, can be divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments two categories, its source can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Natural pigments from the source of minerals are cinnabar, red clay, realgar, malachite green, heavy calcium carbonate, wollastonite, talcum powder, mica powder, kaolin and so on. And other plants from the vine, alizarin red, indigo and so on. Synthetic pigments such as inorganic pigments such as titanium white, zinc barium white, lead chrome yellow, iron blue, iron red, red dan and other organic pigments, and organic pigments such as heavy powder, azo yellow, phthalocyanine blue and quinacridone. Pigment function can be divided into anti-rust paint, magnetic pigments, luminous pigments, pearlescent pigments, conductive pigments and so on. Color classification is a convenient and practical method, the pigment can be divided into white, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, purple, black, etc., without regard to its source or chemical composition.

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