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Color Of The Standard And Test Method

Pigment is a relatively special chemical products, the application of a wide range, involving coatings, plastics, ink, rubber, glass, ceramics, cosmetics and other industries. All countries in the world attach great importance to the development of standards for pigment products such as British B.S, German DIN, French NF, JIS, ASTM, and FOCT of the former Soviet Union. By the European countries initiated by the International Organization for Standardization ISO, but also set the culmination of the country, gradually accepted and adopted by many countries, prestige. China's national standard BG is part of the reference, equivalent or equivalent to the use of ISO international standards. General chemical products in the specification focus on purity, pigment products also have content requirements, but the focus is the physical properties of the project, such as shade, tinting, hiding power, oil absorption and various tolerance indicators, from the application performance to observe, High pigment may not be able to meet the requirements of the application. I would like to replace the EP-19, EP-25 and the United Kingdom 08 group of green, on the market by the majority of businesses and users of praise, as well as overseas businessmen have come to ask TFCC brand. TFCC series of carbon black is the first refined oil is not completely burned and made of carbon black, is the original particles, and after special treatment of highly dispersed pigment carbon black, while the TFCC carbon black also has a good blackness, some products Can replace or completely replace the world famous brand name products.