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Effect Of Moisture On Pigment

Pigment particles on the surface there is a high energy, its surface is always a certain adsorption of material, water is one of them. The water referred to here is wet water, the water adsorbed on the surface of the pigment, and does not include the water bound to the chemical composition of the pigment. Pigment surface is absolutely free of moisture is not possible, even if the baking of dry paint, once exposed to the air will still absorb moisture until the ambient temperature and humidity until the balance.

Appropriate moisture content in the pigment is necessary, the presence of moisture will affect the pigment in the paint grinding dispersion, which is very prominent in the Chinese pigment. Pigment moisture is too low difficult to grind, too much water to produce anti-rough. The general moisture is a flocculant for the paint, and proper moisture does not cause excessive flocculation. How much moisture will affect the pigment a series of properties, such as shade, oil absorption and so on. To this end, according to the use of different pigments, specify a reasonable moisture content of different pigments. General pigment moisture does not exceed 1%, for the amount of water in the blue 4%, carbon black can be specified moisture up to 10%.