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Production Technology Of Lemon Chrome Yellow Pigment

Lemon chrome yellow pigment with bright color and lemon yellow with green phase, can be bright green with blue pigment. This is the color formed by the coprecipitation of lead chromate and lead nitrate, which can not be achieved directly by chrysanthemum and lead sulfate.

Lemon chrome yellow in the production often found hue varied, the same formula has shown a different hue. This is due to the quality of the raw materials in the production process, the conditions of precipitation slightly change, although the chemical composition remains unchanged, still affect the pigment particles of the crystal, particle size changes. In fact the pigment crystal and particle size, in the precipitation, washing, filtration, drying process, a change in the state.

In the production of lemon yellow, in the chemical precipitation at the beginning of the bright lemon yellow, but in the chemical precipitation reaction at the end, it will show a light yellow. Another situation is to maintain the leaching of the lemon yellow in the completion of the precipitation, playing in the drying, the color of the filter cake from the original lemon yellow dry pigment storage process, discoloration phenomenon may also occur.