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What Is The Choice Of Commonly Used Plastic Toner

1, PA with toner

For the PA powder can be used organic pigments, can also be used in polymer dyes. For PA coloring organic pigments can be divided into two grades:

① application performance of organic pigments in general

Varieties are C.I. Pigment Yellow 148, C.I. Pigment Yellow 150, C.I. Pigment Yellow 187, C.I. Pigment Red 149, C.I. Pigment Red 177, C.I. Pigment Purple 23.

② excellent performance of organic pigments

Varieties are C.I. Pigment Yellow 192, C.I. Pigment Orange 68, C.I. Pigment Blue 15: 3, C.I. Pigment Green 7. The CI Pigment Yellow 192 is a bright red, yellow-free heterocyclic pigment that does not contain high thermal stability (300 ° C) and excellent weather fastness at low concentrations and is compatible with titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide And other inorganic pigments; CI pigment orange 68 is a bright red phosphor orange nickel complex pigment containing benzimidazolone groups, and has excellent light and heat resistance.

2, polyester material with toner

Polyester materials (including PET and PBT) can be pigmented with pigments such as CI Pigment Yellow 138, CI Pigment Yellow 147, CI Pigment Red 214, CI Pigment Red 242, etc., but more often in a solvent-soluble solvent Dye coloring, such as Estofil S (Clar), Polysynthren (Hö), Filester (Ciba) and so on.

3, ABS with toner

ABS coloring more solvent-soluble solvent dyes, not only has good transparency, and good light fastness, if the paint with inorganic pigments, can be opaque coloring products, commonly used in polymer Solvent Dyes are CI Solvent Yellow 93, CI Solvent Orange 60, CI Solvent Red 111, CI Solvent Red 135, CI Solvent Blue 104, CI Solvent Green 3, etc.

4, PS, SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer), PMMA, PC and CAB (cellulose ester)

These thermoplastics have excellent transparency, in order to maintain the original color of the coloring products, in addition to the use of some of the above pigments coloring, it is appropriate to use a high solubility of the solvent dyes and disperse dyes, so that it is soluble in the process of coloring The formation of a stable molecular solution in plastic, showing high color strength, such as Macrolex series of dyes (By), varieties of Macrolex Yellow 6G, Yellow G, Yellow R, Orange GG, Red GS, Red 5B, Red 7B, Violet R, Violet 3R, Violet B, Green 5B, their dosage is 0.025% ~ 0.05%, heat resistance can reach 280 ~ 300 ℃.