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Pigment Blue 15:1 for Solvent Based Ink

Pigment Blue 15:1 for Solvent Based Ink

Pigment Blue 15:1 Synonyms: Pigment blue 15:1 ; Phthalo Blue(NC α-Form)15:1 Product Name : Trade Name: Phthalocyanine Blue BS C.I. Number: Pigment Blue 15:1 CAS Number: 12239-87-1 EU Number: 205-685-1 Chemical Family: Phthalocyanine Molecular Structure: Counter Type: Heliogen Blue K 6911D(BASF)...

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Pigment Blue 15:1

Pigment blue 15:1; Phthalo Blue(NC α-Form)15:1
Product Name:
Trade Name: Phthalocyanine Blue BS
C.I. Number: Pigment Blue 15:1 
CAS Number: 12239-87-1
EU Number: 205-685-1
Chemical Family: Phthalocyanine

Molecular Structure:

Counter Type:
Heliogen Blue K 6911D(BASF)
Fastogen Blue BR (DIC) 
Hostaperm Blue A4R (CLAR)
Hornapol Blue PO-115(CLAR)
Endurophthal Blue B BT-649-D(CLAR) 

Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties:

Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula


P.H. Value




Oil Absorption(ml/100g)%


Light Fastness


Heat Resistance


Water Resistance


Oil Resistance


Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance



Bright color, strong color strength. 
Recommended for PE, Industrial paint, decorative paint,coil coating and textile printing. 
Suggested for PVC, water based inks, OEM paint and powder coating. 


Material Safety Data Sheet

According to 91/155/EEC and ISO 11014-1

Identification of substance and of the company

Trade Name: PIGMENT BLUE 15:1


Composition/Data on components

Substance: Pigment Blue 15:1

CAS No: 12239-87-1     EEC Symbol: None   R-Phrases: None

Hazards identification No hazardous effects known

The product is not a substance subject to mandatory marking in accordance with the EEC Directive 67/584/EEC Or amendments

First Aid measures

After inhalation: Supply fresh air. 

After eye contact: Flush with plenty of pressure water for 15 minutes, occasionally raising eye lids.

After skin contact: Wash skin with mild soap and wate

Fire fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media: no restriction

Special hazards caused by the material, its combustion products or resultant gases: none Special personal protection equipment: none

Accidental release

Environmental protection conduct: Do mot sweep or wash into public stretches of water, sewers or sites of unknown discharge paths.

After spillage/leakage/gas/ leakage:

Clean up immediately with wetting or absorbent material avoiding dustin

Handling and storage

Handling: Usual precautions for nuisance dust should be observed.

Protection against fire and explosion: The product is non-flammable

Storage: Store in roofed places at room temperature Keep containers tightly sealed.

Flammability Class: nor applicable

Exposure controls/personal protection

Additional notes for design of plants equipment:

No farther details, see sec7

Components with workplace-related limits to be monitored:


Personal protection equipment:

Respiratory protection: An appropriate dust fixer has to be used if a breathable dust liberated.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: Blue powder                  Odor: mild

Melting point:480℃                      Relative density:1.65

Decomposition: None                      Flammability: see 7 handling

Molecular formula:C32H16ClCuN8           Molecular Weight: 576.07

Tinting strength: 95-105% of the standard   Volatile matter at 105℃: 2.5%max

Soluble matter in water: 1.5% max         Oil absorption: 50%

Fastness to light: 8                      Fastness to heat(℃):200

Bleeding resistance water: 5               Bleeding resistance linseed oil: 5

Bleeding resistance acid: 5                Bleeding resistance alkalis:5

Bleeding resistance alcohol: 5              Bleeding resistance xylone:4

Bleeding resistance ethyl acetate: 3

Stability and reactivity

Hazardous decomposition products

No decomposition at proper storage and application conditions

Toxicological Information

Because of experience with product mentioned, there are no recognizable hazards for human beings, if it is correctly used and applied

Ecological information

Avoid filtration into waster draining or soil.

Disposal considerations

Uses should acquaint themselves with local regulations.

Disposal is usually carried out by burying at an approved tip or by incineration by a licensed waste material processor; stack gases may need to be sorubbed (see section 5 above)

Transport information

No declaration for transport required.

Regulatory information

Classified according to the Directives 67/548/EEC, and their varions amendments, and labeled as below:

Warning symbols: None

Warning words: None

Risk Phrases: None

Safety Phrases: None

Other information Listed in EINECS and TSCA inventories.0

Intended uses: Paints.

References: -(1)Occupational Exposure Limits, EH/40(HSE)

-(2)Deutsche Forschungs gerneinschaft MAK-& BAT-Values.

-(3)A.C.D.Cowley, Polymers Paint Journal, August 7/21, 1985

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